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Steven Khanna has worked in the hospitality sector for 20 years. His hallmark has been – and will always be – an innate ability to communicate with his customers and staff. Being able to connect with people through dialogue and body language is essential in the restaurant and hotel business. If you wish to succeed in this extremely challenging but potentially very rewarding business area, you must be able to keep not just your patrons satisfied, but also your team committed and content.

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Steven has managed some of the top restaurants in London from Michelin star fine dining to casual eateries and food retail. Apart from his native country UK, he has also managed places in Belgium, Kuwait and now in Poland. All of this have given him a wealth of experience and knowledge in the catering and service industry.


In his time in the industry – especially working abroad – Steven has noticed a specific niche for ‘hospitality English’ lessons. He has identified a strong need for restaurant and hotel English, which is very different from a normal English course. The operational English and associated vocabulary required to work in hospitality requires more than your average language course. As a native English speaker and hospitality professional, Steven is perfectly equipped to help establishments achieve a higher level of success. On an individual basis, he can coach and train groups of staff to enhance their current work positions or to improve their eligibility for employment in the UK.


Steven is a wine fanatic and his vast knowledge in this field can be used to improve the skill set of waiters, bartenders and all front of house staff. Along with all the other practical and personal services and traits needed to be a sensational service provider, Steven can create a totally bespoke package for your team or pick from one of the five services on the website to take your restaurant or hotel to the next level.


Our Services

Star Service Signature Course

30 hours of ‘Hospitality English’ taught in your own establishment.
This is the finest course we have on offer and amongst the very best of its kind. We recommend this course to any hotel or restaurant looking to improve their style, service and selling skills and seek an improvement in reputation, repeat custom and of course, profitability.



  • Specific language course in Hospitality English
  • 30 hours of learning
  • Two hours per week for 15 weeks
  • Given on site at your own business
  • Groups of four to eight people (Discount given to groups of eight)


Operational and effective English taught specifically for hospitality staff is far superior to regular English courses that are often more time consuming and not targeted enough at the restaurant or hotel sector.


Improving your staff’s hospitality English directly impacts their selling skills to each and every customer. They can build a better rapport with all of your diners and guests. This tool immediately points to an improvement to every check on every table. If your staff can communicate in a natural and friendly manner with the client, the client is more likely to respond to recommendations, add-ons and extras. And they will want to come back.


Adequate language skills also help to build the confidence of your team. This combination will lead to an increased reputation for your establishment and build a strong rapport for international visitors.
This is turn leads to a network of recommendations at both home and abroad, increasing footfall to your business and of course, revenue.

First Impressions Course

This intensive front-of-house training course combines all the skills required from a fantastic first impression to a flawless finish. The emphasis is on creating magical memories for every diner and guest to pass through your doors. Recommended for new and existing businesses.



  • Meeting, greeting and seating guests.
  • Waiter skills; from effective order taking to sensational service.
  • Section management and magic touches.
  • Body language, building a rapport and making a lasting impression.
  • Role play scenarios for practice and building confidence.
  • Basic elements of hospitality English.
  • Two-day intensive course of four hours per day.


Emphasis here is on the human touch and not just mechanical or robotic waiting staff. Service with a smile and from the heart is the experience that makes customers want to come back again and again.


This reputation converts to repeat guests, recommendations and of course, a higher sale both during the meal and from future visits. This will set a positive example for other establishments to aspire to.


Satisfied customers will boost your Trip Advisor rating through positive comments, which will in turn generate more customers and revenue, both locally and from tourists and business trip makers.


This package is perfect for new businesses looking to enter the market with a great first impression or for existing businesses looking to improve on their service levels and front of house training skills.

A Step Ahead Course

A unique program for those wanting to make an excellent impression in the UK hospitality sector. Learn all the skills required to make in the British service industry whether planning on a long or short term working stint.



  • Aimed specifically at individuals wishing to go to the UK.
  • Suitable for both short or long term and opportunities.
  • Basic waiter training skills needed for the UK market.
  • Introduction to wine describing and beverage selling skills.
  • Advice on how to create an effective CV and cover letter.
  • How to get through the selection process, interview and trial shift.
  • Guidance on websites for catering jobs.
  • Tips on other ways to apply and potentially find work immediately.
  • Assistance on present companies looking for staff in the UK and other outlets always seeking new staff.
  • Advice on travel and accommodation in UK and London in particular.
  • Introduction to UK accents.
  • 10 hours of learning.
  • Two hours per week for five weeks.
  • Given on site at your own business.
  • Groups of four to eight people. (Discount given to groups of four)



  • Get noticed by employers for all the right reasons.
  • Get a head start by displaying all the right qualities needed in the UK.
  • Be a step ahead of other candidates in finding work.
  • Be a step ahead of other candidates in finding accommodation.
  • Be prepared and have confidence in your abilities.
  • Save the initial stress of rejection with employers and landlords.

Sommelier Starter Course

An introductory course in wine to give your waiting staff all of the skills and confidence they need to adequately describe and sell through your wine list. Increase your business’ reputation and profitability in just eight hours.

  • Your team can lean about every aspect of wine that you would need in the hospitality service to inform your clients and sell bottles.
  • Program includes wine regions, grape varieties and characteristics,
    plus wine making, food-matching, and how to explain and describe wine to your guests.
  • Advice on selling skills, service skills, and ‘magic words’.
  • Role play scenarios to practice and build confidence
  • Two-day intensive course of four hours per day.
  • Groups of four to ten people.


Quite simply, when it comes to wine, knowledge is power and it is very impressive to your clients when you can comprehensively explain each and every option on the wine list.
Waiting staff will have a new-found confidence in their abilities, and staff turnover will be lower as they will be happy and proud in their roles.
Increase in beverage spend per head, which means increased total revenue.
Knowledgeable staff will enhance your establishment’s reputation.
Monthly wine events can be held every month for clients, making your business a destination for special occasions and also increase profits.
Customers that attend the wine events will want to come back and eat at your restaurant or stay at your hotel.

Made To Order English Course

A totally customisable language course depending on your individual requirements. English taught from pre-intermediate to master level by a native speaker.



  • Available to individuals and groups.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Hour long sessions in courses 25 hours to 50 hours in total.
  • Contact us for more details and to arrange a personalised package.

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Whether you are interested in an English course for your employees or yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll answer right back to assess all the questions and objectives that might arise after visiting this website.

Phone: +48 721 197 191

Email: steven@englishtaste.pl

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